Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Alive!

Hi girls! Sorry for being so MIA. All the boys in the house are sick. Ryan has an ear infection, Jack has a cough and my brother and Brannan have a nasty cold :( Hopefully I won't be joining them. I'm looking for my camera cord and then will be uploading pictures from Disneyland. Brannan asked me to marry him while we were there so we are busy planning our wedding. And by we I mean me and he just nods along "yeah, that sounds good" :)


1. do you have any musical talents?
I played the flute for 2 years in elementary school. I wasn't very good though.

2. what role, if any, does music play in your life?
Hmmm...a big one for me. We love to listen to music and sing along. My parents are more musical people. They'll have parties and people bring their instruments and they all play together....dead serious. Growing up my mom had this big orange music book and she would sing to us at bed time instead of reading books. It was fun b/c she would sing us the tickle song ( One Song from Snow White and the seven dwatfs)

3. what is your all time favorite song?
Just one? Probably "you are my sunshine" My mom and I used to sing it together and now Jack and I sing it.

4. do you sing in the shower?
Not any more, I used to move my boom box into the bathroom and have a full blown concert, now I'm just in and out.

5. has a song ever made you cry?
All the freaking time! Go get some tissue before you watch. I'm dead serious.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days of Thanks.

I saw this on Mamarazzi's blog and had to link up. Even though I'm horrible at challenges and daily blogs this seems like a good reason too. I'm not going to be taking daily pictures b/c let's face it, that shiz would never happen.


Day 1. My Papa. November 1st was his birthday so I think it is appropriate to have him be #1. He passed away 10 years ago. He was my favorite person. My go to when I needed a kick in the ass or to be told how awesome I was. I wish he was here to see my boys They would have had so much fun together.

Day 2. Jack. My little drama queen. He always make my days better. He makes me laugh and be silly and just chill out.

How could you not love that little face?

See you tomorrow!

I mustache you a question..


{1} How did you celebrate Halloween? Trick or treating? Adult party? Trunk or treat?

For the past 4 years we've gone to my god mothers. We have dinner and visit then trick or treat around her neighborhood. Jack is old enough now to help pass out candy and he loves the power of only giving kids one piece.

{2} What candy is your favorite/the first thing you steal from the kids?
Reeses. But I hate how they get all mushy/watery in the middle. What's up with that?

{3} What kind of candy do you give out, is it your favorite? or something you know you won't be tempted to eat?

We don't give out candy at our house b/c our neighborhood ghetto/dangerous. But at my moms and god mothers they always get the good stuff.

{4} How soon after Halloween do you take down decorations and put away costumes?

I took down most of the yesterday. I'll finish up today. So sad :(

{5} When do you decorate for the next holiday?

I already have some plastic gourds in my jars for Thanksgiving, sometime next week I'll really start.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our love story.

I come from a family of great love stories. Really sweet ones.

My Nana and Papa met through his sister who was my Nana's best friend in high school. She used to go to their house after school everyday after school and do her homework in the kitchen. The boys weren't allowed in the kitchen because of this. So my Nana would pretend to do her homework and listen to my Papa talk in the other room. She fell in love with his voice before she ever met him. A few months after their first date he took her on a ferry boat ride and proposed to her as the ferry went under the bay bridge. They were married for over 50 years.

My mom and (step)dad went to church together and sang in the choir. We went on a church camp trip down to Big Sur and another camp site was being rude to me and the other kids. My dad and his brother went over there and straightened them out. That did it for my mom. About a year or so later they were married at Big Sur.

My sister and her husband are high school sweethearts. They've been together 20 years.

And then there is my love story. On the eve of my 24th birthday my girlfriends and I went to The Saddle rack in Fremont.

We danced.

I was fed large amounts of alcohol.

There was a photo shoot.

For the record, Jersey Shore had just come on the air when these pictures were taken.

Some woman was thrown out for doing a lil something something in the mens room ( I wish I had a picture of that!)

And then at midnight everyone sang me Happy Birthday and this tall, handsome man came over and bought me a drink. Which Felicia Drank b/c she's a champ and Mama was done.

Everything after that gets a little.....fuzzy.

I remember him kissing me and walking us to the car. And me being a lunatic asking him like 50 times if he was going to call me. "You're gonna call me right?" "You have my number so make sure you call me." With sanity like that how could he not?

And then there was the car ride home.

Somebody got a little sick. And the girls ducked to not get hit. (For the record I cleaned it up. Super drunk with baby wipes that I threw out the window.)

The following Saturday we had our first date. I came over twice to cook him dinner and we went out on Valentine's Day. And the Saturday after He pretty much moved in.

And then last week this happened...

I'll do another post on that later :)

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