Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If I were president...

I know I haven't been blogging lately but I had to respond to this.

If I were President:

All sex offenders would be used for medical testing. With no pain killers. No longer would fido or mr.bunny have to be abused, instead Lester the molester would take his place. It is my belief that you can not fix someone like that.

All food would be from small local farms. No more huge groceries with mass ptoduction. No more chemicals I can't pronounce or identify in my food. I want to see the cows my beef comes from, pick my own apples and such. This would also mean restaraunts would have to buy from them as well.

Gay marriage would be legal. If you don't like it, don't marry someone of the same sex.

If you are recieving aid from the government you have to do volunteer work. Unless you're like about to die. Cleaning up freeways, painting our schools, reading to the elderly, get off your ass and work.
-if you are recieving food stamps everu purchase you make will be reviewed. Are you buying beer instead of veggies? Cigarettes instead of diapers? If you are, so long aid.
-if you are on section 8, have an open case with CPS, or are a foster parent you will have a monthly unnanounced inspection.
I'm so sick of hearing about the free ride/abuse of our aid. It makes the people who truly need it and are not abusing it look bad.

Mandatory 3 hour lunch with family or friends. No discussion of work. I experienced this in France a few years ago and it's genius.
-I also think all meals should be social.

In school religion should be taught. All of them. We need to teach tolerence to our children. Just because someone practices a different faith does not make them bad or better than anyone else.

If there is a war we should send the people who declared it to fight it. I support our troops 100% they are so courageous. I could never volunteer to do what they do, however families shouldn't have to lose sons, fathers, daughters, etc bc of a fight they didn't start. Especially with a country that doesn't play fair.

There would also be a (HUGE) paycut for politicians. I'm not sure what they make now but for the state our country is in it's too much.

I'm all for immigration. My family came from Ireland, Italy, Mexico,etc. And made a wonderful life here. But, you need to speak fluent english, no more please press 1 for english bs. You need to be a citizen to have a drivers liscense. And you need to have worked here for 25+ years and paying taxes to get social security.

Every highschool student must take a class on money management and the importance of tipping. Seriously.

I think thats all for now maybe add an mandatory water fight in summer or a national ice cream day.

I hope all of you are doing well, I'm still without a computer and blogging from my phone :( go link up with Erin at and tell her what you would do!

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