Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Water fight in February?!

Once, when I was young and visited my cousins on the East Coast, one of their friends asked me "If you're from California, why aren't you blonde?" 

Seriously. I'm here to let you in on a few little secrets on NORTHERN California. 

1. It's cold here. Foggy and windy. We go to the beach at night so we can light a fire. 
2. Most Northerners dislike SoCal. With a huge passion.
3. No one has a real tan or blonde hair.
4. When it hits 50+ degrees, we call out sick and high tail it outdoors.

Which is exactly what I did yesterday. I was watching one of Jack's classmates and we went to another's house and promptly kicked the kids out of the house. Somehow they got out a hold of the hose.

And instead of stopping them we encouraged them and took pictures. More proof that kids don't need toys, just a hose and a bucket.

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