Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 years old.

Yesterday, my sweet little Jackie turned 6. I know every Mother says it, but where has the time gone? He has grown so much in the past year. He is even more charming and sweet. Some days I just want to hold him and not let go.


We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and got ready, yesterday was also his first day of school! He started 1st grade yesterday in a brand new school that I love. His school puts his old one to shame. 

He was so happy to make new friends!

I cried on the car ride home.

Treats for his classmates.

Mother of the Year goes to me for the best birthday cake ever.
Bad wife of the year also goes to me because this cake is supposed to feed 30-35 people and I spent way too much money on it.

Since we just moved and don't know anyone, Brannan, his brother and I are taking Jack out next weekend to celebrate instead of having a party. Mini-golf, bowling, and the Lego store.

I hope everyone had a great Monday and I'll talk to ya'll soon!

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