Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our decision to move to Texas.

I wanted to write this post about 100 times over the past few months. I sat down to do it numerous times but could just never get it out. This week Ashley announced that her family was moving to Houston. I could relate to her post in a million different ways. I'll start at the beginning.

On Jack's 5th birthday we decided to go to the Palo Alto Creamery for dinner. We took 101 and got off on University Ave. I love driving down University. It's a looooooong street with huge homes and once you get closer to El Camino and the college it turns into ritzy shops. There was an open house and B and I joked we should buy the house. Guaranteed that home was no less than a million dollars. Pocket change, right? We both talked about what bullshit it was how expensive it is to live in the Bay Area. 

The house we lived in before we moved sold for over $500,000. 2 houses up is a drug house and I would lay awake at night listening to gun shots. Oh and there was also a sex slave bust a few blocks away. My grandparents bought the house in 1960 when it was brand new. The neighborhood back then was Leave it to Beaver-ville. When I was in middle school, the gangs moved in and nothing was done and the neighborhood took a dive.

We talked more on the way home about what we were going to do. Where were we going to live? How would we be able to afford it? We couldn't afford daycare and Brannan didn't want me going back to waitressing.(I didn't want to go back either. Ain't nobody got time fo that!) B and I aren't the flashy type. We don't need fancy cars or big expensive cars. We live within our means. All we want is a good life for us and a safe, happy home for our boys. 

We started talking about Texas. My Dad is from El Paso and my Mom has family down by Corpus Christi. Brannan's Mom lives in the Dallas are and his brother is out in east Texas. We looked at homes that night and were blown away. Mansions for $300,00! I couldn't believe it! The schools were all good to! We talked about it for the next couple of months. I prayed every night. Give me a sign, show me this is whats right for our family. 

We never sat down and discussed the move. It was just kind of known that it was happening. Our friends weren't happy. How can you leave? California is so great! All your friends and family are here! Are you going to be a Cowboys/Rangers fan? (Bitch, please.) Were moving because we don't want to live in the ghetto and have our kids sell drugs. We want more from our lives than struggling and barely getting by. 

The hardest part was leaving my brother. We've lived together since he was born. When we moved out it was together. Were really close, and knowing he wouldn't be upstairs anymore killed me. 

My parents were thinking about moving as well. My Dad could not find work in California. Nobody would hire him. My parents put their house on the market and my dad left in April for Texas to start his new job. Brannan left a 3 days before me and the boys, he drove out the truck.

We had a going away party with B's childhood friends, Jacks friends from school had a party at the park for him, I had dinner with my girlfriends. I could not cry. I felt like such a heartless bitch. No one tear! What was the matter with me?! I cry at everything! And I could not get one tear out! Finally, 5 minuted before we left for the airport, I cried. And I couldn't stop. I cried on the car ride. I cried on the plane. It hit me that California was no longer my home. I cried that night and over the next week or so.

My sign to move didn't come until after we were here. Jack's school is amazing. Our neighbors are from Milpitas,B's hometown. People are so sweet and so kind. At least once a day I meet someone, or see something, or hear something, that lets me know in my heart this was the right choice for us.

So far the adjustment has been smooth. Ryan had a tough time in the beginning. He would be cranky and stay up way to late. Like 1am, bouncing off the walls. He's been sick twice. Now that were in our house, he has his own space, he has a routine. He's doing so much better.

This was probably the hardest and biggest decision I've ever made. I know this is what's best for our family. The school Jack goes to makes his old one look like a joke. In California they're cutting spending. Business' are closing. In Texas the school are so advanced. There's so many more tools for the kids to learn and business is booming. New school are being built, the teachers are so involved and excited to be at school. 

I'm still getting the house together, hopefully next week I'll have a post about purchasing our first home. Thanks for reading, I know it was long. I hope ya'll have a hell great week! (see what I did there?)


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