Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kiddos gift guide.

This year, our Christmas gifting motto is Quality over Quantity. I am sick to death of buying the kids a million toys and finding them broken and forgotten 5 minutes later. So this year Santa, will bring learning tablets for both of them. A Kindle Fire for Jack, with an otter box of course. And a LeapPad2 for Ryan. I LOVE THE CASE! Is it not the cutest?! 

For their stocking they're getting furry bomber hats to match Daddy's new hunting hat. Tumblers with lids, because even though they're 3 and 6, they take after their Mother and can't eat or drink without spilling all over themselves. And pop guns from Cabela's. I'll probably throw in some candy too.

From us, they're getting socks, underwear and probably a new coat. I want matching ones, because I'm a freak, and can't find one I like.

What are you getting your kiddos?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Man gift guide.

Hi all! 16 days until Christmas! Are you done with your shopping? Have you started yet?
Brannan is the hardest person to shop for. And what's worse. He never uses anything I get him. It literally sits their and collects dust. It has become a personal challenge to buy him something he'll actually use. I don't know how many posts I've read on what to buy your man. While all the items are lovely, they would certainly end up in a pile in our closet or donated. B just isn't a scarf/sweater wearing kinda guy.

About a year or so ago, B decided to grow a beard. I love it. It's in an awkward stage now, where it's not long enough to do what he wants aka not grow all in all directions, but not short enough where he needs to worry about it. So he'll be getting some lovely Beardbrand products for Christmas. Oil, soap and a brush. Check out their website. It's hilarious.

Next comes a strap for his AR15. He found this and told me what color he wanted. In the cart it went. Nice and easy.

An Oakland Raiders BBQ spatula. I actually got his at a kiosk at the mall, but found a similar one here.

Brannan falls asleep at 8 most nights. 9 if were watching something. However, put Call of Duty in the PlayStation and he's up all.night.long. And if he's awake, I seem less like a crack head cleaning the kitchen at 1am.

For his stocking, I fill it with Candy. He's like a child when it comes to sweets. White Kit Kats are his favorite and his stocking will be filled with them.

I hope this helps some of you find gifts for your hubs/man friend. What are you getting yours for Christmas?

Happy Monday!

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