Sunday, May 25, 2014

Clothes I wish my husband would wear :)

Raise your hand if you love your husband! Raise your hand if his closet could use some help!

B owns this shirt. He also owns it in blue. I'm dying to do a couples Halloween costume.  #krullthewarriorking

B has a uniform for work so when he gets home, he like to be comfortable, like me. Basketball shorts and white tees. On the weekends it's jeans and t-shirts. 


What can I say? He cleans up good :)

Bonobos contacted me about their new Garment dyed chinos.  Bonobos is focused on delivering a great fit in clothing. New York Magazine named them Best Men's Pants and they're the largest apparel company built on the web in the US. I checked out their website, once of their job titles is Ninja. I love them already!

Oh man. B would look so good in them!

The color! The fit! The Chino-ness! Oh my! I love them! They are perfect for date night, running errands, or work. I'm literally putting outfits together in my head as I type. They come in 5 beautiful colors which can transition between the seasons and 2 fits, slim straight and slim tailored.            

Below I put what I would pair the pants with. All the tops are simple and classic, for work or play. I stuck with blue and white because that's what B looks best in :) (I also added his signature shoes) 

dressing up B!

I love these pants, I can't wait to see B in them :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! While your out shopping this weekend make sure you pop into Nordstroms and check them out!

What do you wish you hubs would wear?

*All opinions are my own. Thank you Bonobos for contacting me. I had fun with this post!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer essentials!

Last year was our first summer in Texas. I didn't think we would make it. Correction, I didn't think I would make it. I hate the heat and by heat I mean anything over 75 degrees. I'm from the Bay Area. I love the fog.

There's something so beautiful about the fog enveloping the city. Welcoming you home. 

Living in the Bay Area for 27 years, humidity was an urban legend. A scary story you were told as a child to never leave the area. Imagine my surprise when I got off the plane and couldn't breathe. The air was so thick I wanted to swat it away. And with humidity, comes frizz. I've been rocking a messy bun for over a year, only doing my hair for date nights of special playmates. Trying to figure out what to wear that's presentable and keeps me cool. 

The only good thing about the summer is it's easier for me to eat better. 1. I'm not hungry. 2. The last thing I want to do is eat a big, hot, greasy meal. Watermelon and ice water are my summer staples. As well as greek yogurt at night. 

Here are some of my favorites, to help you survive the heat and look cute doing it.

Untitled #5

You're going to need a cute beach/pool bag. I have an old blue tiger stripe one from VS (I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere) It fits, towels, snacks, sunscreen, drinks. I love it! a mini fan is a must when you're getting ready. There is NO ventilation in our bathroom and this little baby has saved my life. Shorts, because no one like it's when your thighs rub, ouch! Aquaphor is my life saver when I get too much sun on my face. No peeling and no pain! And it wouldn't be summer without Sonic! Diet coke with low cal cherry! Yummy!

What are your summer essentials?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

my summer style.

My fashion inspiration is my mom. Her and I share the same fashion philosophy. COMFORT! For years i squeezed into 5 inch shoes, wore dresses that almost shows my Britney, wore 5lbs of makeup. And for what, to look like everyone else? To be in pain? To look constipated/uncomfortable? No thanks! 

my summer style.

The jewelry isn't exact but you get the idea. I get all my hoops from Joy. I love her shop! It's super cute and super cheap! That purse is a favorite of mine. She only comes out to play on special occasions since she got back from the Coach hospital. 

What's your summer style?

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