Sunday, May 25, 2014

Clothes I wish my husband would wear :)

Raise your hand if you love your husband! Raise your hand if his closet could use some help!

B owns this shirt. He also owns it in blue. I'm dying to do a couples Halloween costume.  #krullthewarriorking

B has a uniform for work so when he gets home, he like to be comfortable, like me. Basketball shorts and white tees. On the weekends it's jeans and t-shirts. 


What can I say? He cleans up good :)

Bonobos contacted me about their new Garment dyed chinos.  Bonobos is focused on delivering a great fit in clothing. New York Magazine named them Best Men's Pants and they're the largest apparel company built on the web in the US. I checked out their website, once of their job titles is Ninja. I love them already!

Oh man. B would look so good in them!

The color! The fit! The Chino-ness! Oh my! I love them! They are perfect for date night, running errands, or work. I'm literally putting outfits together in my head as I type. They come in 5 beautiful colors which can transition between the seasons and 2 fits, slim straight and slim tailored.            

Below I put what I would pair the pants with. All the tops are simple and classic, for work or play. I stuck with blue and white because that's what B looks best in :) (I also added his signature shoes) 

dressing up B!

I love these pants, I can't wait to see B in them :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! While your out shopping this weekend make sure you pop into Nordstroms and check them out!

What do you wish you hubs would wear?

*All opinions are my own. Thank you Bonobos for contacting me. I had fun with this post!

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