Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First day of school!

Yesterday the boys headed back to school. I was happy and sad.

Ryan dressed himself yesterday, shoes, socks and all. I'm so proud of him yet so sad on how little he needs me. He is in Pre-K this year. We love his school so much, a lot of his friends from last year got put in the same class, so he's very excited!

This kid cracks me up with those faces!

Jack didn't have the best day. A lot of his friends switched schools about a year ago and he didn't know anyone in his class, which lead to no one playing with him at recess. I'm praying today is a better day. There's nothing worse than you kid coming home crying because he was lonely :(

So incredibly proud of our 3rd grader! His teacher is so sweet! This is her first year teacher 3rd, she previously taught kinder, and she's so excited!

All ready to learn!

Tomorrow he is turning 8. I'll have a big post filled with adorable pictures up tomorrow. 

I hope everyone had a great first day back and managed to get through the carpool lane without killing anyone. 
 See you tomorrow!

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