Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm back!

Happy February! Sorry for the long break! Let's catch up, shall we.

The boys were champs and stayed up with me until midnight. B slept through it no matter how many times I poked him. I realized at 11:45 that Pitbull had his own countdown! The boys loved it! Great way to start of the New Year!

This little nugget came down with step at the beginning of January. B had his tonsils taken out when he was a kid. I have a feeling, Ryan will have them removed as well. 

Back to back awards for big brother! He got a character referral then a Rotary Club award for perseverance! Could not be more proud of him and his love of learning!

This guy gave us a scare mid month. He's been staying with my mother in law, keeping her dog company. (Her dog is older and not in the best of health.) One morning, Cole wouldn't get up. She tried hot dogs and bacon and he wouldn't budge. After a very tearful vets stay, full of antibiotics and steroids, he's on the mend! We're still not sure what was wrong, but are so damn happy that he's healthy and home! 

King of the castle.

I turned 30!!! at the end of the month and have clearly matured. I took the weekend off and spent it with family and friends and had the best time. I wish I had some great life advice or wisdom to pass on. I don't. Only to say, chill out, slow down and keep it movin.


I'm still figuring out snapchat. My username is Queenangelina if you want to follow along :)

For Valentines day, we celebrated a day early and took the boys to MONSTER JAM! We had a great time! It was a long day but so much fun!

That's all I've got for now. I'm working on some home projects that I'll be sharing soon! Thanks for sticking with me! See you later this week!

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