Thursday, June 9, 2016


We've got an appointment tomorrow with an ENT. Ryan has the biggest tonsils, after 3 cases of Strep this year alone, I think were going to have them taken out.

Grocery store snuggles.

At out local trade days last month! New hats and corn dogs!

The middle school put on the Lion King. They hosted a workshop for elementary students, Jack chose to have his face painted as Scar.

Ryan refused to be left out.

The day that I had to ask him ONCE to get dressed. He put on his shoes and socks himself!

Breakin my heart.



And anytime I sit down, I get tackled. Wouldn't have it any other way.

B's union had a picnic, the boys had the best time!

I don't have a picture, but I totally dominated on the bumper cars. Ryan and B thought they could outsmart me.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

what's in my summer bag.

Hey ya'll! Happy summer! Were on day 2 and having the best time! Today is a lazy day, cleaning, organizing, and doing paint color research.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and sharing what's in my bag. I'm using my "summer bag" I got at Target last year. I normally use a wristlet, but since I'm with the boys all day, I need something a little bigger.

I need to stock up on a few more things, wipes, snacks, spray sunscreen and then I'll be all set!

I bought this bag last spring, it's worked great, even serving as a carryon. You can find a similar version here.

So neat and tidy. I started carrying this a week ago, we'll see what it looks like at the end of summer.

I won a gift card at bingo, still trying to decide what to spend it on. Maybe a Yeti Tumbler?
Wallet is from Charming Charlie.

The Makeup bag was my Nana's. I love it and will cherish it forever. 

All the sunscreen. Ryan gets dark just thinking about the sun. Jack and I burn in the dark.
EpiPen because I'm allergic to shellfish and you just never know. This is my 2nd one and I've never had to use it. #knockonwood

Swim trunks, underwear. Leftover grocery list and I think thats a taco bell receipt.  Notepad, because I can't remember anything.

 That's all I got. I'm sure more will be added as the summer creeps on. What's in your bag?


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